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Online Promotion

HomepageMany PEFC members find that having a website is a cost-effective way of presenting information to their stakeholders and to the wider public.

You are welcome to make use of the PEFC website template at to save your resources and to contribute to the uniform appearance of PEFC globally. To see examples, visit the national websites of:

You are free to take advantage of the content that has already been developed for these websites and translate and adapt it to your needs. News published on the PEFC International website that you deem relevant to your audience, can also be published on national websites in English or translated.

Additionally, you may choose to regularly distribute a newsletter to keep your contacts updated on PEFC developments. A newsletter subscription tool is integrated in the website template and using it can help to recruit regular readers and will give you valuable contact details of interested people.

You may also want to consider utilizing social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Few members use all tools but rather take advantage of those that are most beneficial for them.

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