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System Operations

Austrian-timber-and-machineThe administrative procedures will provide the framework to support you in the implementation of the various functions your organization will need to fulfill, from notifying Certification Bodies to issuing logo use licenses.

At this point, you are now a member of the PEFC Council and have PEFC recognition of your System, so are ready to consider the additional opportunities and responsibilities that you can take on within your operations at the national level. For this, you will sign an Administration Contract with the PEFC Council.

Administration Contract with PEFC Council

The Administration Contract formally confirms your rights and duties as a PEFC National Governing Body concerning administrational issues.

The contract will only be signed after you have demonstrated that your administrative procedures comply with PEFC’s requirements (see PEFC GD 1004:2009, Administration of PEFC Scheme). You will then be able to issue PEFC logo licenses to certificate holders and other organizations operating in your country and to enter into “notification contracts” with Certification Bodies so they can issue PEFC-recognized certificates in your country.

The contract obliges you to register the certificates and logo licenses with PEFC and to correctly handle any administration-related complaints that may arise.

Registration of Certificates and Logo Licenses

The Certification Bodies in your country will report to you the details of all new certificates issued and changes to existing certificates.

As the National Governing Body, you are obliged to register all holders of forest management and Chain of Custody certificates, logo usage licensees and notified Certification Bodies within your country, and make this information publicly available every month, through the online PEFC Council register.

The registration of certificates, logo users and Certification Bodies shall be organized according to the document: GLI 4/2007, Internal Rules for the PEFC Registration System.

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