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Revision Process

PEFC’s endorsement is valid for five years, after which time your System, especially your forest management standard, must be revised to ensure they incorporate PEFC international requirements, latest knowledge and best practices, and new market and stakeholder requirements.

To ensure ongoing international recognition of your System through time, your revised System must achieve its re-endorsement before your previous System’s endorsement expires.

The revision of your System may take considerable time, although typically less than the first standard setting, and the re-endorsement process may again require seven to twelve months. Therefore, you are advised to begin this process well before the expiry of the endorsement.

To help you, the PEFC Secretariat will send you a reminder before the end of your endorsement validity. Ultimately however, it is the System owner’s responsibility to apply for re-endorsement on time.

"In Finland, during 2013-2014, we are undergoing the third revision of our PEFC sustainability criteria. More than 40 organizations are participating in our working group and we are pleased that each revision engages more participants.

"For PEFC Finland, the revision process is a chance to demonstrate the opportunities that PEFC certified forests offer to the whole Finnish society. We create an active and inspiring forum to exchange perspectives on SFM between trading and consumer organizations, people who enjoy forests for recreational purposes, indigenous people and other organizations, together with forest owners, forest workers and entrepreneurs and forest industries.”

Auvo Kaivola
 PEFC Finland

The revision process provides an opportunity to re-group your stakeholders and engage new stakeholders in the process. Look for opportunities to communicate and maintain your stakeholder network on an ongoing basis. Some of the ideas that will support your organization in ensuring ongoing engagement with your stakeholders include:

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