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Overview of the Assessment Process

Once you have developed your System following PEFC’s requirements, you have obtained PEFC membership, and your annual membership fees are in order, you may apply for PEFC endorsement (see PEFC GD 1007:2017, Endorsement and Mutual Recognition of National Systens and their revision). This will help you to gain international recognition and provide your certified entities with market access through PEFC.

During the assessment process, PEFC International plays only an administrative role. An independent, PEFC-registered assessor conducts the assessment, contacting you at specific times throughout the process to seek your input and clarification, and ultimately producing the assessment report which makes recommendations and informs the PEFC Board of Directors and the PEFC General Assembly during their considerations related to the potential endorsement of your System.

PEFC endorsement process:

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The assessment fee varies between € 15,000 and € 25,000. The variability in cost is related to the length and complexity of your System as well as the competitive bids received from assessors in response to PEFC’s call for tender.

Generally, the assessment process lasts between seven to twelve months from your application submission until the PEFC General Assembly votes on its acceptance.

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