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Where do I start?

In PEFC’s view, local demand, interest and commitment are the starting point for developing your System.

The process must be initiated by or have the support of the national forest owner(s) or their organizations in your country before your national forest management standards can be developed. This is to ensure that those who are ultimately responsible for implementing forest management requirements and pursuing certification are committed to, supportive of and involved in the national process. It is also to encourage all stakeholders to work together in developing your System rather than having multiple systems within your country.

Participation, openness, inclusiveness and transparency are fundamental principles that PEFC applies to the development of national-level certification standards.

The Phases

Toolkit WEB Diagram 2

Here you can see the different phases in developing a System. The ordering of the phases and their relative size reflects PEFC’s perspective of a typical process and highlights the varying levels of time and effort required. However, flexibility exists and you may have justified reasons for proceeding in a different way.

You may find that a suitable organization is already in place, some elements of your System partially or fully developed, or you may choose to apply for your PEFC membership earlier to benefit sooner from our mentoring and the help of the existing members.

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