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What are the Benefits of Becoming a PEFC National Member?

Members meetingsPEFC membership is a pre-requisite for applying for PEFC endorsement for your System. However, there are many other benefits to becoming a PEFC member:

  • Being able to vote in the PEFC General Assembly, thereby influencing the strategic direction of the organization;
  • Accessing and collaborating with an alliance of global leaders and experts on sustainable forest management, and representatives of other countries’ Systems from all over the world;
  • Obtaining the rights from PEFC Council to administer PEFC Chain of Custody certification in your country with income-generating potential;
  • Ongoing access to support, training and advice from PEFC;
  • Participating in PEFC Council annual meetings and events to share experiences and learn together with other members.

"PEFC allows us to participate actively in the development of a global project to value forests, their products and the people who work in them. Personally, being part of PEFC has allowed me to meet many professionals, from many different parts of the planet. I've been able to share similar concerns and work together to find solutions in an open, honest and constructive way."

Ana Belen Noriega
PEFC Spain

When should I join?

The moment when National Governing Bodies apply for membership varies. Some apply early in their System development to harness the opportunities for support and mentoring, whilst others apply just prior to their application for endorsement.

"As early as possible. It’s good to be in the "family" to get support and advice from other national Systems. It is easier to go through the development process if you have a better knowledge of the other PEFC Systems.”

Tanja Olsen
PEFC Denmark

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