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How Much Does Membership Cost?

PEFC’s membership fee for national members is calculated annually and is based on two parts: 1) a subscription fee, and 2) a development fee.

The subscription fee rate is linked to the FAO roundwood production figures for your country and a corresponding categorization from XXS to XXL, and the development fee is linked to the amount of PEFC forest management and Chain of Custody certification in your country.

Membership fees create the core income for PEFC International, enabling the organization to implement the PEFC strategy and manage the association.

Fee rates are subject to change annually based on a PEFC General Assembly decision. On an ad hoc basis, the PEFC Board of Directors will consider submitted requests from organizations for temporary reduction in membership fees, particularly for new members in the initial stages of business development. This is an option that you may wish to explore if the rates are prohibitive to joining PEFC’s membership.

You can find the National Governing Bodies membership fee rates applicable in 2017 below.

PEFC Subscription fee

Membership size Average 3 years
roundwood production
Subscription fee
XXS 0-1 million m3 CHF 5,000
XS 1-5 million m3 CHF 9,227
Small 5-10 million m3 CHF 18,452
Medium 10-30 million m3 CHF 27,678
Large 30-50 million m3 CHF 48,500
XL 50-100 million m3 CHF 73,808
XXL more than 100 million m3 CHF 89,705

PEFC Development fee

Forest management CHF 0.00437 per certified hectare
Chain of Custody certifications CHF 136 per certified organization
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