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What is the PEFC Council?

PEFC is an international membership association representing a wide range of stakeholder interests. Its membership is comprised of:

  • National Governing Bodies: known within the PEFC Council as the national members;
  • International stakeholder members: NGOs, businesses and associations operating in two or more countries and committed to supporting PEFC’s principles;
  • Extraordinary members: a membership category currently being phased out, but which originally included international associations granted with observer status, prior to the creation of the international stakeholder membership category.

PEFC Council composition:

Toolkit WEB Diagram 4

PEFC members form the PEFC General Assembly, the highest authority of PEFC. It includes both national members and international stakeholder members with voting rights, and extraordinary members as observers.

The PEFC Board of Directors supports the work of the PEFC General Assembly and is accountable to the members. The Board of Directors members are elected by the PEFC General Assembly and are chosen to ensure a balance between the major stakeholder groups, professional expertise, the geographical distribution of members and gender.

The PEFC Secretariat at the PEFC International office is led by the Secretary General and supported by a small team. They work to support the decisions of the PEFC General Assembly and the PEFC Board of Directors and implement PEFC’s strategy.

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