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What are the Requirements for Becoming a PEFC National Member?

The national candidate organization for the PEFC National Governing Body shall:

  • Be a legal entity;
  • Have its own statutes which do not conflict with the PEFC Council statutes;
  • Include amongst its objectives the implementation of the PEFC System within its country;
  • Have made a commitment to follow the PEFC Council rules and requirements;
  • Have support of national forest owners or a national forestry organization(s);
  • Provide participating interested parties with a fair, ongoing and appropriate possibility to influence the organization’s decision making.

Why do I need support from the forest owners in my country and how do I show it?

Forest owners and managers are important stakeholders and the eventual users of your System. It is important that they feel ownership and actively support your System during the development phase and beyond.

"Facilitating dialogue between stakeholders and thereby combing different aspects of sustainable forest management is a core strength of PEFC."

Clemens Kraus
PEFC Austria

To reinforce the importance of this engagement, PEFC sets a membership requirement for forest owners or national forestry organizations to endorse the role of your organization as PEFC National Governing Body. By having the support of the majority forest owner(s) in a country, it can also help to ensure that only one System is PEFC-endorsed per country.

In general, this requirement is demonstrated with letters of support from pertinent forest owner associations or relevant government ministries and/or organizations. Moreover, demonstrating that representatives of these groups are actively engaged in your Systems’ governance and standard setting process is welcome.


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