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PEFC Annual Review 2012 - Broadening the Base

2012 was a pivotal year for PEFC. As our previous five-year management period concludes, it is reassuring to see that the organisation has achieved our main goal: the firm establishment, legitimacy and acceptance of PEFC in the sustainable forest management (SFM) arena.

But more importantly, the global certified area has grown by 40% over the past five years and Chain of Custody certification has increased four-fold. By demonstrating the relevance of forest certification to climate change mitigation; by showing how our forest management processes can ensure sustainability within the rapidly expanding bio-energy business; and by explaining to what extent forests regulate the volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, PEFC bring SFM under the global spotlight. This is where opportunities multiply for everyone.

In the 2012 Annual Review "Broadening the Base" you will discover the steps PEFC has engaged on a range of issues of increasing relevance for forest certification from carbon footprints and biomass certification to life cycle assessment and the financial sector - showing the value of working forests within the context of today's emerging issues.

PEFC is well positioned to expand the area of certified forests, with China having become the latest country submitting its national forest certification system for endorsement and with Indonesia joining our organization. In fact, we are experiencing a tremendous demand for bringing PEFC certification to ever more countries. Interest in PEFC continues to increase, and PEFC has been supporting stakeholders in more than a dozen nations in their efforts to develop their own systems.

There is a long way to go, but it is clear that by working together, we can reach our common goals faster. We invite you to read the 2012 Annual Review and to think about how you may want to work with us.

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  PEFC Annual Review 2012 - Broadening the Base

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