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Why PEFC is the Certification System of Choice

Companies enjoy multiple benefits with PEFC Chain of Custody certification, a new brochure by PEFC, the world's largest forest certification system, explains.

With more and more public and private timber procurement policy demanding that timber and wood-derived products must be from legal and sustainable sources, which can be demonstrated through PEFC Chain of Custody certification, business interest in Chain of Custody certification is soaring.

There are a number of benefits for PEFC-certified companies, including:

  • Access to markets - Chain of Custody certification provides companies with access to markets demanding environmentally responsible products and with a market advantage in relation to companies with uncertified products - it enhances brand value.
  • Availability and choice – two-thirds of the world's certified forest area are certified to PEFC. That is currently more than 240 million certified hectares, offering the widest supply of certified fibre and timber.
  • A clear and transparent message – The simple action of being able to include the PEFC logo on a product or product-line communicates to the customer in a clear, concise and transparent manner that wood and non-timber products have been sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Business leadership on sustainability – by opting for PEFC Chain of Custody certification, business in the wood and forestry sector can enhance their competitive advantage over other suppliers in the value chain.
  • Traceability - Chain of Custody certification offers assurances that the wood in the final product can be traced back to a sustainable source managed with due respect for environmental, economic and social standards.
  • Risk management – Chain of Custody certification includes a due diligence system to exclude wood from illegal and controversial sources.

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  Why PEFC is the Certification System of Choice

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