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Marketing and Communication Professionals Brochure

One of the most effective ways for an organization to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability is by specifying PEFC certification when placing orders for paper, packaging and printed materials. This ensures that the wood and wood-based materials contained in the products are from legal and sustainably-managed sources.

It also sends a powerful message to customers and consumers about the organization's practical commitment. Importantly, sourcing PEFC certified products such as paper and packaging represents an easy, immediate activity whose outcome is far-reaching – a local action for global impact.

Today, thanks to the wide range of goods certified to the PEFC standard, sourcing products from sustainably-managed forests has never been easier.

This "Marketing and Communication Professionals" brochure describes the benefits of sourcing PEFC certified paper and packaging products and explains the advantages that Chain of Custody certification brings to the paper products value chain. Crucially, it shows the ease with which organizations can make a significant contribution to environmental sustainability through their core activities.

This brochure is an important resource for organizations – public and private – that procure paper and packaging products.

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  Marketing and Communication Professionals Brochure

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