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Endorsement and Mutual Recognition of National Systems and their Revision (PEFC GD 1007:2017)

This document describes the requirements for the endorsement and mutual recognition process of new, reviewed, revised and/or amended systems and refers to PEFC Standards and Guidelines. The process consists of an independent assessment and an endorsement decision.

The endorsement of a system means that the members of the PEFC Council have determined that the system meets the requirements of the PEFC Council. The endorsement procedure ensures that the members vote on each other’s systems. Therefore, the member of the PEFC Council recognize each other’s systems under the PEFC Council mutual recognition umbrella.

Rules for endorsement of forest certification and chain of custody standards and systems guide the assessment and decision-making in the process. The rules harmonise the documentation of the system and applications, as well as the assessment processes, carried out by independent assessors.

They also set the framework for the endorsement decision-making process in the PEFC Council and thus provide fairness and equity for all applicants.

This document is normative for National Governing Bodies seeking endorsement and mutual recognition of their applicant system by the PEFC Council.

PEFC GD 1007:2017 was issued on 20 October 2017 and replaced PEFC GD 1007:2012 as of 1 November 2017.

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  Endorsement and Mutual Recognition of National Systems and their Revision (PEFC GD 1007:2017)

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