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PEFC Strategy 2013 - 2016

PEFC has a strong role in promoting best practices in the forest, with specific consideration to the role of small-, family- and community forest owners. PEFC's bottom-up approach to forest certification is considered well-suited to have a positive impact on the ground and to best support people in managing forests sustainably.

The previous strategy (2007-2012) focused on growth to ensure the firm establishment, legitimacy and acceptance of PEFC in the market place. That legitimacy is now firmly established and PEFC delivers value to stakeholders.

Looking forward to the next five years, PEFC strives to further strengthen its positive contribution towards safeguarding the world's forest resources, particularly through a better utilization of the decentralized nature of the organization.

PEFC will be doing so by:

  • Fostering the relevancy of its standards to existing and emerging issues and activities impacting forest management through continuous development and targeted projects;
  • Increasing awareness and knowledge of PEFC activities among stakeholders and users to better equip them to provide accurate and comprehensive information about PEFC, sustainable forest management and its certification; and
  • Streamlining processes and activities to become more efficient and effective in its work both as an association of independent organizations and its support network; and within the Secretariat.

By achieving these objectives, PEFC will continue to advance its mission and strengthen sustainable forest management.


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  PEFC Strategy 2013 - 2016

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