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Administration Procedures

Successful administration of your System requires consistent, efficient and professional processes. To govern the critical functions of ongoing System administration, you need to adopt procedures for issuing:

By this point, your organization will also have to have a fee structure in place to clearly communicate to various constituents the costs of notification, certification and logo-use.

To ensure the harmonized implementation of PEFC internationally, PEFC’s guideline PEFC GD 1004:2009, Administration of PEFC Scheme outlines requirements for the aforementioned procedures. It also includes a draft version of the Administration Contract that PEFC Council will sign with the PEFC National Governing Body member (“authorized body”) in a particular country once all the procedures and membership status is in place.

What advice do you have for the System administration?

"You need a technically skilled and practical person because administration covers a lot of different issues."

Hubert Palus
PEFC Slovakia

"This function requires people who understand the forest, wood and paper products businesses who use the system."

Richard Stanton
Australian Forestry Standard

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