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Fee Structure

At the same time as developing your notification procedures or earlier, you will need to establish your organization’s fee structure and rates for forest management and Chain of Custody certification. As the revenue from certification fees will likely become a primary revenue source for your organization, it is important to place due consideration in establishing competitive market rates that will also support your organization’s functions in the long-term.

You may wish to use various models to forecast system growth based on your country’s forest resource and industry size, to understand your revenue potential across different rates. The fees of other PEFC systems, PEFC Council and other forest certification programs are usually available publicly and may provide guidance.

It should be noted that PEFC Council charges an annual fee for every hectare of certified forest and Chain of Custody certificate. This expenditure should be taken into consideration when establishing your own fee structure.

For further description of membership fees, refer to Phase 3 – PEFC Council membership and see the table below for the development fee rates applicable in 2014.

PEFC 2014 Development fee

Forest management CHF 0.00437 per certified hectare
Chain of Custody certifications CHF 136 per certified organization
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