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Logo Usage Licensing

napkinsThe PEFC logo and labels are globally trusted registered trademarks, which assist businesses, consumers, forest owners and managers, and other stakeholders to identify and promote merchandise and goods from sustainably managed forests. They indicate that forest-derived products originate from a PEFC-certified forest.

PEFC and its members must protect their trademark and ensure that their eco-labels are used accurately and verifiably, and that any claims associated with them are relevant and not misleading.

Correct usage of the logo on products and associated documentation, and in any communication, is essential for protecting PEFC’s credibility.

Before using the PEFC logo and labels, all entities, both certificate holders and non-certificate holders, are required to obtain a logo usage license from the PEFC Council or their National Governing Body, in the event that the National Governing Body is a PEFC authorized body, i.e. possesses an Administration Contract with PEFC Council (see PEFC GD 1005:2012, Issuance of PEFC Logo Use Licenses by PEFC Council).

As the licensing body, your National Governing Body will need to have written procedures for the PEFC logo licensing (see PEFC ST 2001:2008, PEFC Logo Usage Rules-Requirements), which ensure that:

  • The PEFC logo usage license is based on a written contract between your National Governing Body and the PEFC logo user;
  • The PEFC logo users comply with the PEFC logo usage rules;
  • The scope of the PEFC logo usage, i.e. the logo usage groups, is clearly defined;
  • The PEFC logo usage license can be terminated by your National Governing Body in the case of the PEFC logo user’s non-adherence to the conditions of the PEFC logo usage rules or in the case of cancellation of the contract between the PEFC Council and your National Governing Body;
  • Where unauthorized use has taken place, the contract provides for a penalty of one fifth of the market value of the products to which the unauthorized logo use relates, unless the PEFC logo user proves that such unauthorized use was unintentional. In the latter case, the penalty will be limited to CHF 15,000.

A template for Procedures for Issuance of PEFC Logo Use Licences is available. Your National Governing Body will need to have a mechanism for the investigation and enforcement of the compliance with PEFC logo usage rules and take action, including legal action if necessary, to protect the PEFC logo trademark.

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