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Certification and Accreditation Procedures

Certification and accreditation procedures is one of the two documents that make up the implemenation procedures in a PEFC System. These implementation procedures, which also include Group Forest Management Certification procedures, regulate the correct implementation and functioning of the certification process.

measure-treeAlthough the tasks of certification and accreditation are undertaken by the respective bodies, you have a key role to play in preparing for their involvement. Early communication is critical.

Get in touch with Certification Bodies operating in your country and let them know about the process that is underway. Likewise, identify the Accreditation Body operating in your country and start building a relationship with them. Eventually you will need them to develop an accreditation program for your forest management standard.

It is important to get Certification and Accreditation Bodies on board early and invested in the process.

Within PEFC’s certification system, national Accreditation Bodies must be members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) or of one of the IAF regional accreditation groups. You can determine if there is an Accreditation Body functioning in your country by referencing the IAF website or by conducting research domestically.

If an Accreditation Body does not exist in your country, you may consider working with appropriate agencies to stimulate the development of an Accreditation Body.

An alternative option, if your country lacks an Accreditation Body or if the existing one is not interested in developing a program for your System, is to identify a suitable foreign Accreditation Body that would be willing to engage in international cooperation to support your needs. A suitable Accreditation Body may, for instance, share the same working language as your country or be in close geographic proximity. You will need to approach them and discuss the idea to determine if they are interested in fulfilling such a function temporarily or on a long-term basis.

What should you consider when preparing Certification and Accreditation Bodies?

"Start early contact with the accreditation and the Certification Bodies and tell them about the SFM standard development. Inform them of similar experiences in other countries to demonstrate the need and opportunity to develop accreditation for forest management and Chain of Custody certification. Involve the main Certification Bodies of your country in the development of the standard to contribute their knowledge in auditing techniques and to participate in the pilot application.”

Marta Salvador
PEFC Spain

"Be patient. This process can be time-consuming in terms of communication and administration.”

Hubert Palus
PEFC Slovakia

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