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Drafting Certification and Accreditation Procedures

certificationCertification procedures define the competence of the Certification Bodies and auditors, as well as how Certification Bodies conduct forest management and Chain of Custody audits.

The accreditation process in turn ensures that Certification Bodies comply with certification procedures. In this way, only competent Certification Bodies and auditors, with appropriate experience and working according to ISO and IAF procedures, perform PEFC certification.

Defining the competence of the Certification Bodies, auditors and Accreditation Bodies

PEFC’s requirements for Certification Bodies, auditors and the certification process rely on international certification and accreditation procedures as defined by ISO, IAF, and in some cases, regional accreditation groups.

Your System must require that Accreditation Bodies work according to the ISO 17011 and belong to the International IAF, to ensure that accreditation is conducted by competent Accreditation Bodies.

When drafting the procedures, we advise you to integrate PEFC’s own text where the PEFC obligatory requirements must be followed. For forest management certification, refer to Annex 6 - Certification and Accreditation Procedures as the starting point from which additional national requirements and interpretations can be elaborated.

For Chain of Custody certification, PEFC’s certification requirements for Certification Bodies are presented in PEFC ST 2003:2012, Requirements for Certification Bodies operating Certification against the PEFC International Chain of Custody Standard. If your system utilizes PEFC’s Chain of Custody standard, then additional system specific certification requirements cannot be defined at national level.

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