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Standard Setting Process - Chain of Custody

produkte mit labelFor the development of the Chain of Custody standard, we strongly recommend that you formally adopt PEFC’s Chain of Custody standard (see PEFC ST 2002:2013, Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products – Requirements) within your System, as this can bring many advantages.

Adopting PEFC’s robust, internationally recognized standard will save your organization time, as you will not need to undertake the standard setting process, and it will limit your expenses, as your Chain of Custody standard will not need to be assessed during the endorsement process.

Moreover, adoption will enable you to benefit from established international markets, which already recognize PEFC’s standard, logo and claims. It also supports the mutual recognition of PEFC certified fiber from around the world and ensures system compatibility for companies operating and trading internationally. 

"Being under the PEFC umbrella has assisted us in gaining acceptance in various public procurement policies for example the CPET and TPAC. Our scheme does not include a Chain of Custody standard, so we make ise of the PEFC Chain of Custody standard and logo."
Paul Wooding
PEFC Canada

If you adopt the PEFC’s Chain of Custody standard, this must be recorded in your minutes, a statement must be made on the adopted document itself, and the official document name must be amended to fit your System’s document structure. If you rather decide to develop a national Chain of Custody standard, PEFC’s standard setting requirements need to be followed.

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