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Standard Setting Process

The document, PEFC ST 1001:2017, Standard Setting - Requirements, provides considerable detail on how to undertake the standard setting process in line with PEFC requirements.

The diagram below outlines the key stages of the standard setting process up to the publication of the standard. It also highlights the need for periodic revision of your standard.

Toolkit WEB Diagram 3

For additional guidance to help you to meet the requirements, the following frequently asked questions are addressed:

What would you recommend when beginning the standard setting process?

"Make contact with other PEFC members who share basic common interests such as: region, similar forest types, social, cultural and economic characteristics and/or a common language. Having their guidance and learning from their experiences was key to the Cerfoar development."

Florencia Chavat

"Very early on in the standard setting process, start contacting stakeholders and actively building their interest and involvement in the process. Their participation is not only required during the development phase but also once the System is ready for implementation, so build strong channels of communication and opportunities for active engagement."

Kees Boon
PEFC Netherlands

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