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What to take as a basis for a first draft?

The starting point for the standard setting working group/committee varies between countries; whether building on existing work, a draft document specifically prepared for the group, or starting from a blank piece of paper. You may choose to reference the national forest management standard of a neighboring or similar country who has already undertaken the process.

The standard setting working group/committee must find a way to develop and agree on the content of your forest management standard working draft. An important reference during this process will be PEFC ST 1003:2010, Sustainable Forest Management – Requirements, as each of the requirements there must be addressed within your national forest management standard.

Once consensus has been reached on your forest management standard, it becomes an enquiry draft that is circulated for public consultation.

"For Chile, the first step was to study the standards of countries with a similar forest structure for identification of relevant aspects that were consistent with our national circumstances. It was essential to consider characteristics of ourlocal forestry sector together with the internationalmarket requirements for forest products.”

Andre Laroze 
Chile Forest Certification Corporation (CERTFOR)

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