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How to get consensus?

The standardising body needs to have procedures for consensus building, which is important to the standard setting and any subsequent revision processes. Consensus building is a group activity that forms agreement considering the views of all the stakeholders and may utilize a range of approaches, including:

  • At a face-to-face meeting, you may have a verbal yes/no vote, a show of hands; a formal balloting process; a secret ballot; or a statement from the Chair accompanied/unaccompanied by dissenting voices or hands;
  • Within an email conversation, you may request for agreement or objection by a written response (proxy vote);
  • At a telephone conference, you may have a verbal yes/no vote; or
  • Combinations of the above or other suitable means.

"Build trust, and therefore hopefully mutual respect, between the different stakeholders,some of whom may have radically opposing views. Ultimately, it's much easier to disagree constructively, and therefore reach a workable compromise, if you like and respect the person you disagree with.”

William Merivale
PEFC Ireland

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