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How can I encourage participation in the standard setting working group/committee?

The standard setting working group/committee will build consensus on your forest management standard, and as such, relies on the involvement of active and committed individuals from different interest groups.

In some cases, it may be challenging to encourage individuals to invest their time in the process. Consider following up your invitation with a meeting to discuss the process and the importance of their involvement. Usually through such personal contact, people are more inclined to engage and eventually feel ownership in the process.

"The long-term strength of your PEFC System is your working group. Although in the short-term getting everyone involved may delay the development of your System, in the long-term, the participants will bring value.
The more parties involved in the process, the more rich the outcome and the stronger the support and shared ownership for the System. Present your national organization clearly and circulate invitations to regular meetings.”
Ana Belen Noriega
PEFC Spain

"In order to streamline the Irish process, the standard setting working group appointed from among its own members a "Technical Working Group" (TWG) which met more frequently to accelerate the drafting process. At every stage, the work of the TWG was disseminated to the whole working group for comments, and elaborated on further at each working group meeting.

In addition to the Chairperson, the National Secretary of PEFC Ireland acted as secretary to the working group and the TWG; and a professional consultant forester with expertise in certification was engaged as a technical consultant and attended all meetings. On occasion, observers with prior experience in certification were invited to attend the working group and TWG meetings to help to offer advice."

William Merivale
PEFC Ireland

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