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Support with Developing your System

Phase 5For organizations actively pursuing System development, there are a number of ways to access further support and guidance including:

  • Correspondence with PEFC;
  • Talking with other PEFC members to share experiences and ideas. Feel free to contact the members directly or to get in touch with PEFC to facilitate discussion. Some of our members support new organizations through bilateral “twinning” support on an ad hoc basis;
  • PEFC maintains a register of consultants with in-depth knowledge of forest certification. These consultants are able to provide technical input to support your process on a short-term basis or as an advisor through the complete process;
  • The PEFC Collaboration Fund, a small grants program, is a potential source of funding and technical cooperation. There is an annual call for proposals which is advertised on the PEFC website;
  • Reference the various training material and templates that PEFC has made available to facilitate the development of your System documentation.

The guide PEFC GD 1007:2017, Endorsement and Mutual Recognition of National Schemes and their revision provides an additional overview of PEFC’s requirements and is a useful reference throughout the development process.

“It is interesting, refreshing and demanding to share experience and knowledge with like-minded people and organizations who face similar challenges but in different national, market and forest contexts.”

Richard Stanton
Australian Forestry Standard

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