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What income sources can support the development and the ongoing administration of my System?

There are initial costs associated with developing your System and yet its income-generating capabilities may only become active once your System development is complete.

Within your national context, it is important to consider means to cover the development costs as well as forecast the long-term running costs of your System. With these elements in mind, you are better placed to make informed decisions, which will help to structure your organization and enable an adequate flow of resources.

For your income sources, you may consider:

  • Financial contributions from organizations wishing to support the process;
  • Membership payments, if your organization is structured as a membership association and institutionalizes a fee structure;
  • In-kind contributions from partner organizations, for example, office space, seconded staff, provision of meeting rooms;
  • Grants from government agencies, foundations or private sector associations;
  • A grant from PEFC’s Collaboration Fund competition;
  • Income generation from notification fees -forest management and Chain of Custody certification- and logo-use fees (if charged separately from Chain of Custody certification);
  • Revenue from training events or other activities.

What do you advise regarding the time and resources needed?

"Based on the Argentine experience, it was critical to develop a plan showing deadlines, responsibilities, a detailed budget and funding sources.” 

Florencia Chavat
Sistema Argentino de Certificación Forestal (cerfoar)

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