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How much time and resources will it take to develop my System?

The development of a System in line with PEFC’s recommendations, and then achieving PEFC-endorsement, will take a different amount of time for each country. The time required depends on whether there are:

  • Appropriate institutions already in place,
  • Motivated partners and stakeholders, and
  • Relevant standards or references already available.

In general, developing a System requires a few years.

For those starting from the beginning, two to three years is a realistic time frame if consistent efforts are maintained and supported by stakeholders. Within this time frame, the PEFC endorsement process, which follows the completion of your System, requires an estimated seven to twelve months to complete.

Costs associated with developing and maintaining a PEFC System are explained below.

  • Staff costs and organizational overheads will vary depending on factors such as the division of roles between organizations and your national conditions.
  • Standard setting process costs may include meetings costs, public consultations, pilot testing and potential consultant fees.
  • PEFC membership fee becomes obligatory when you become a PEFC member and is payable annually. Membership is a prerequisite to submitting your System for PEFC endorsement. In Phase 3, you will find how your PEFC membership fee is calculated.
  • System assessment fee is payable when you submit your System for PEFC endorsement. The assessment fee varies from € 15,000 to € 25,000.

How many staff members do you recommend?

"I would say minimum one full-time person whose salary could initially be shared by the supportive organizations and/or end-users who have an interest in certified forest products. Consider submitting a proposal to your government or other potential donors, ie EC/FAO/UN, to solicit additional sources of revenue to support the process. Make the link between your efforts to develop a national System thereby promoting SFM, to their priority topics such as REDD+, EUTR and/or FLEGT obligations, biodiversity conservation, etc.”

Kees Boon
PEFC Netherlands

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