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Why should I seek PEFC Endorsement for my System?

A PEFC-endorsed System provides important benefits to your country’s forests and wood products industry and includes:

  • Recognition that your nationally agreed forest management standards and certified forest producers meet internationally recognized sustainability benchmark requirements;
  • Access to markets, which increasingly demand assurances for wood products’ legality and sustainability;
  • Mutual recognition of certified fiber from your country’s forests with other PEFC-certified sources and throughout PEFC’s International Chain of Custody;
  • Access to an alliance of like-minded organizations and people through the PEFC membership as well as support from PEFC;
  • Opportunities for revenue generation from your forest certification and PEFC’s Chain of Custody certification;
  • Promotions of your PEFC-certified products on international markets and through PEFC’s market outreach activities;
  • Support for PEFC’s ongoing actions of advocating to and informing market participants – public and private sectors alike – as they establish unique requirements for forest sustainability.

PEFC’s unique approach provides independence for your country’s System and allows for the development of standards tailored to your political, economic, social, environmental and cultural realities.

Yet, through the endorsement process, PEFC ensures that Systems are in compliance with rigorous international requirements.

"PEFC´s endorsement opens business opportunities in international markets to companies certified under our national system – CERTFOR – by providing a global recognition of their sustainable forest management practices and Chain of Custody. For CERTFOR, it means being part of a worldwide network that allows us to share, discuss and receive feedback on our experiences in forest product certification."

Andre Laroze
Chile Forest Certification Corporation (CERTFOR) 

"PEFC brings a worldwilde recognition."

Vanessa Biebel
PEFC Belgium

Nationally developed forest certification standards allow for:


Adaptation to your national forest conditions, ecology and practices;


Adaptation to your national legislation and regulations;


Consideration of your national forest owner structure;


Integration of your local needs and expectations;


Local ownership;


Involvement of local stakeholders.

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