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Who takes the lead?

6352805582 773f8d0996 oWhen starting the process of standards development in your country, one of the first questions is who should take the lead. While the process will involve many stakeholders, it is helpful if a specific organization leads the process and/or becomes the institutional home for your System.

Making sure the lead organization is appropriate will have lasting impacts on your System’s legitimacy and acceptance within your country and internationally. The lead organization will eventually undertake the ongoing administration function for your System in the longer term, so it is important that they are suitable for these day-to-day functions.

PEFC’s experience through endorsing Systems in over 30 countries shows that there is a wide variety of possible arrangements for fulfilling the various roles. In many cases, the organization identified or established to facilitate the standard setting process will also eventually be the one to apply for PEFC membership and act as the PEFC National Governing Body.

"Consider using an existing standards development body. It worked for us. In Canada, we engaged the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) which has been developing standards since 1919."

Paul Wooding
PEFC Canada

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