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What should I consider when naming my organization?

Many organizations that were involved during the early establishment of PEFC have registered their organization as “PEFC [Country Name]”. However, more recent additions or organizations with more independent Systems or brands usually omit “PEFC TM”, as this offers them more autonomy and independence.

PEFC currently recommends formally registering your organization without using the PEFC Trademark in your organization name. Rather, we suggest mentioning your intentions to be affiliated and recognized by PEFC within your organization’s statutes.

Eventually, once PEFC recognition of your System has been achieved, you may find stakeholders utilize the “PEFC [Country Name]” format for your organization on a more informal basis.

The list of PEFC Council Members on the PEFC International website shows different ways of naming the organization.

Using PEFC’s Trademark ™ name has certain implications. Here are some considerations for when naming your organization:

  • Using PEFC’s Trademark ™ name may limit your organization’s ability to function or communicate prior to official PEFC membership or endorsement. See:
  • Using an independent organization name may provide more flexibility for your organization if you wish to implement your System prior to, or outside of, PEFC System recognition;
  • Using PEFC’s Trademark ™ name within your organization’s title informally can help to leverage PEFC’s reputation to establish recognition of your System.
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