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Roles and Organizations

What roles need to be fulfilled?

  • Standard setting: managing the process of standards development.
  • Governance: providing a credible structure for decision-making and an institutional home for your System.
  • Administration: implementing the day-to-day operational functions of managing your System.
  • PEFC membership: participating within the PEFC Council and representing PEFC in your country.

Which organizations fulfill these roles?


The Standardising Body has recognized activities in standard setting and is responsible for managing the process of standards development. One important task is to establish a standard setting working group/committee of balanced stakeholders that will develop your forest management standard.

The National Governing Body will become the PEFC national member in your country and is responsible for the System governance and administration. This includes:

The National Governing Body also ensures that requirements for Certification Bodies and for accreditation are developed.

Keep in mind that the standardising body and the National Governing Body can be, and in many cases are, the same organization.

"The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Inc is an independent North American organization which manages the SFI standards development process. SFI Inc also serves as the National Governing Body representative for PEFC in the United States which administers and promotes PEFC. Combining these functions has enabled us to be an integrated and responsive organization. We’ve been able to grow considerably over the years, with an increase of nearly 50 million hectares since 2006.”

Kathy Abusow
Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc.

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