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What Organization Should I use?

Using an Existing Organization

When making your initial decisions, remember that suitable organizations capable of fulfilling these roles may already exist. For example, do you have a national standardising body within your country? Perhaps they are interested in leading the standard setting process and offering their expertise to support your initiative.

Deciding whether to utilize existing organizations or to establish new ones to fulfill these roles requires careful consideration as there are associated benefits and challenges with both.

Consult with stakeholders and make the necessary arrangements, bearing in mind that this process can run in parallel with other developments.

"As far as possible, build on existing structures or organizations and suit them to PEFC or create a new one from them.”

Marta Salvador
PEFC Spain

Establishing a New Organization

For many, establishing a new organization to fulfill the roles of the standardising body and the National Governing Body, and the eventual role of the PEFC member, is the most efficient and practical way forward.

Starting from the beginning ensures, for example, that the institution’s registration, governing statutes and decision-making structure can all be designed to suit the core function and aspiration of developing and administering a System.

Whatever way you choose to configure your organization, if you intend to apply for PEFC endorsement, keep in mind PEFC’s requirements (see PEFC GD 1002:2016, Acceptance of PEFC Members).

Consideration should be given to the following points when making your decision:

New Organization: 

  • Can be designed, structured and registered in the most suitable way to fulfill a core mandate focused on developing and administering your System.
  • Requires an initial investment of time and money.

Existing Organization:

  • May require internal reforms or restructuring to meet PEFC requirements and to adopt a suitable governance structure and administration for approving and managing your standards and System.
  • Can bring potential efficiency gains and cost-savings.
  • Will need to be evaluated for its institutional reputation.
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