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What are the Requirements for a National Governing Body?

In PEFC’s view, a National Governing Body has to:

  • Be a legal entity;
  • Have its own statutes which do not conflict with the PEFC Council statutes;
  • Include amongst its objectives the implementation of the PEFC System within its country;
  • Have made a commitment to follow the PEFC Council rules and requirements;
  • Have support of national forest owners or a national forestry organization;
  • Provide participating interested parties with a fair, ongoing and appropriate possibility to influence the organization’s decision making.

We recommend you choose the appropriate organizational structure to support your future goals. Being a “legal entity” requires that your National Governing Body be formally registered within your country. For example, an ad hoc committee or working group would not be eligible. We do not prescribe the type of entity your organization should be registered as.

Our membership includes National Governing Bodies registered as:

  • Nonprofit;
  • For-profit;
  • Company limited by guarantee;
  • Membership association;
  • National institute or agency.

You must select an entity conducive to fulfilling PEFC’s requirements and subsequent National Governing Body functions.

"In Brazil/CERFLOR, the standard setting process was carried out at the national level by the Brazilian Association for standardization (ABNT), following internationally agreed procedures on standardization. ABNT is the National Standardization Body representative of Brazil in ISO and has been developing standards since 1940.”

Maria Teresa Rodrigues Rezende
Brazilian Forest Certification Programme (CERFLOR)

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